That’s A Wrap

To all of my fellow newly engaged friends and readers out there, how often do you find yourself staring at your ring? Is it all the time? I know I can’t stop. Not only do I stare down at my ring when I’m doing..well..everything, but I also love to look at my ring in the mirror. I know, it’s weird, but I’m telling you it looks different when I look at it in the mirror. It’s sort of like seeing the clothes on the hanger and then trying them on.

The more I look at it, the more I love it and the more I love it, the more obsessed I get about keeping it clean, and sparkly and most importantly, on my finger! Recently I came across this awesome invention- Ring Wrapper.

How cool?! It’s a silicone band that holds your ring in place and keeps it from being scratched while doing various activities like biking, working out, gardening or arts & crafts. LOVE this! They’re $4.95ea and they come in regular and large sizes. Sadly for me, my finger is a size 4 and they say that the regular size is for sizes 5-9, but this is an awesome find for everyone with normal size fingers!

If you have or buy one of these, please comment and let me know how it is.

Hey Ring Wrapper! Can you please make a special edition size 4 for me?!



3 thoughts on “That’s A Wrap

  1. Hi! I have a ring wrapper and I love it. I use it all the time, but I especially loved to use it at the beach this summer. I like to walk and swim at the beach, but my ring gets a little loose occasionally and I worry that it will fall off when my hands get wet or with sun block. But besides the beach I wear it to the gym a lot too.

  2. I have two and they are great! I keep one in the kitchen to use while cooking and one on my key ring for anytime I am away from home and want to protect my ring-at the gym, while working (renovating houses), etc. I’m a size 6 and it is really tight on my finger, so even though you are a 4, you might want to try it-especially if your stone is set really high off your finger.

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